A Home for Becky: Rewriting the Script at Falcon Children’s Home

Imagine this — Becky is nine, and she’s about to run away. She feels unloved and unwanted, terrified to come home after school each day. Too many of our youngest members of society suffer from abusive homes, ruining their ability to dream. The traumas they face at such a young age can affect their emotional development, making it far more difficult to love other people as they grow older. 

In the worst-case scenarios like Becky, these children run away and endanger themselves further by facing life on the streets. The National Runaway Safeline identified in 2019 around 1-2 million children as runaway or homeless. These numbers don’t include the victims of child sex trafficking who sometimes have no home to go back to once rescued from their plight. All these children are a part of our collective future, and it’s up to us to change their stories. 

Falcon Children’s Home and Family Services does just that, providing relief shelters, an adoption and foster care system, and a private school for children in the foster care program. They are currently branching out to include underage victims of sex trafficking, doing their most to cover the needs of at-risk children in their local community.

Our children’s futures matter to us at Warren Insurance Group, and we hope they matter to you too! For every recommendation you send our way to receive a no-obligation quote from us, we’ll donate $10 in your name to this meaningful cause, making a difference in the lives of hundreds of children. So what are you waiting for? Together, we can rewrite their stories today!